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Dog Bike Trailer – Safety Precautions and Buying Guide

Do you know about the safest and most terrific way to take your four-legged pets with you on a bicycle ride? You might have been thinking about this for a very long time but could not get along. Here it is!

A bike trailer is a trailer or cart with tiny wheels that can easily tie to your bike. It can help you to have a delightful journey with your four-legged pets when jogging or traveling. It’s one of the most versatile pet carriers you have desired for several reasons.

Your dog might get bored by staying home all the time with the same everyday environment. With the assistance of this device, your dog will be happier than ever and can have an adventurous yet comfortable voyage with you.

Not only this, a dog trailer help protecting your furry pet in extreme sunny or cold weather conditions. It provides a proper shelter for your dogs and makes them feel cozy and warm. Bike trailers for dogs have opened up all the travel possibilities that you could never consider before!

You might have to travel with your pet on a bike, but there’s always a hazard of your dog getting unbalanced, falling from the bike, or having severe accidents. The trailer makes your dog feel balanced and secure when you are riding the bike. Moreover, you can overlook your dogs easily as they lie very low on the road.

There are old and sick dogs that find it challenging to cover the long distances on their paws, and you cannot leave them at home. The trailer can be very beneficial for the use of transportation for dogs that are facing walking problems. Whether you want to go for a vet’s appointment or a trip to a park, the trailer proves to be helpful.

Even if you are taking it to high populated cities with high traffic, it is convenient and one of the safest ways to ride around the city with your dogs. Compared to a rope on your dog’s neck, it keeps your dog in check and prevents them from straying towards vehicles on the road.

Now you must be thinking about which dog trailer can be helpful and meet the requirements for your dogs. Here we have found you some for your convenience.

Overview of the Top 6 Picks of the Dog Bike Trailer

There are different dog bike trailers available, and we have selected the top and best products depending upon the size of your dogs and what features they need. Some dog bike trailers are used for easy storage and traveling, while others also work as a dog stroller.

We have reviewed a dozen of products and have chosen the best of the best. We have looked upon each model to know what kind of weight restrictions it has for a specific dog and if the bike trailer is suitable for small or large dogs. Hopefully, these best picks will help you in finding suitable dog bike trailers for your dog.

The Burley Wagon is the best dog bike trailer specifically designed to accompany your four-legged pets with you. If you desire to bring your dog all day long, the tail Wagon is an ideal trailer for the job.

It showed no signs of wear and tear and worked pretty much well by traveling through smooth pavement/footpath, not so smooth footpath, rocky and rooted roads, muddy paths. It is built to last.

This dog trailer can hold up to relatively larger dogs especially having the weight capacity of 20 lbs to 75lbs. It has designed with a reverse-opening. The dogs can quickly jump in and out without having to jump over the hitch. This low-profile device also means that even the older dogs will not have any problem getting in and out. It is an excellent opportunity to keep an adventure for senior dogs.

For storage and transportation purposes, the Tail Wagon has a feature to fold down flat easily in a matter of seconds.

It is made from an aluminum frame and weighs 23.5 lbs (11kg). The owner has slimmed down as much as possible, maintaining the quality and maximizing features. Its teardrop shape provides maximum space for dogs of all sizes. You can put your dog’s bed and plenty of other accessories as it resides too much space inside.

It includes two-hub-and-spoke alloy wheels with a quick-release lever. While traveling through the road on a bicycle, there is always a need to have one or two tires for emergencies.

Your dog is protected even in rainy weather conditions as the two zippered roll-up plastic covers keep the rain out, and the side mesh windows allow the airflow to avoid the humid conditions inside.

Additionally, the rear panel is lifted and allows your dog to poke their head out and take in all the smells and wind. There is a wall too that will protect your dog keeps them securely inside. It has three large mesh cargo pockets for storing essential pet items. The two are on the inside surface and one outside.

The floor where the dog lies is removable. We can also easily detach the cover for cleaning purposes. It’s one of the best trailers I would recommend.

Features of Burley Design Tail Wagon Bicycle Trailer

  • Cargo pockets for pet gear
  • Easy folding for storage
  • Flip down tailgate
  • Removable flooring for easy cleaning
  • The drum-tight fabric keeps pet contained
  • 16′ spoked alloy wheels
  • Safety Flag
  • Tow Arm and hitch for bicycle use
  • Handlebar
  • 75lb. carrying capacity
  • Accessories & Kit Available
  • Kickstand for Pet Trailer
  • 2-wheel stroller kit
  • One-wheel stroller kit
  • Standard forged hitch
  • Trailer Storage Cover
  • Mesh Slides
  • Rear Entry
  • Optional Stroller
  • Pockets
  • Costly
  • No suspension

This Doggy Ride Mini Trailer is eye-catching as well as best for practical use. This dog life trailer is bound to win your heart with its enhanced comfort level, versatility, extra storage space, and extra safety and security. You won’t require much time to build Doggy Ride Mini Bike as most of its building is done by its manufacturer.

The mesh covering protects from the excessive heat of the sun. Due to proper ventilation, the circulation of air during the ride becomes super easy. The manufacturer has equipped a safety flag that enables other vehicles to see the trailer. 

The best feature about this trailer is its protective screen and act as a barrier against extreme rainy conditions. At the rear end, there is an easy door for entry and exit. This rear-entry has a separate pocket for a water bottle and consists of a pouch. 

The tires are air-filled for extra comfort and suspension, and a foot-operated rear brake enables safe and secure loading and unloading. You can easily remove the wheels and fit them again in a short time by just using clips that release quickly.

Although, you should keep in mind the pressure of inflation and fill the tires regularly. A powder coating is present on the sturdy frame to avoid rust. This trailer is suitable for a wide variety of breeds as it can carry and withstand 55lbs weight. It is comparatively lighter yet qualitative than other dog trailers.

This dog bike trailer is pretty spacious with interior dimensions of ’23 inches Length x 15 inches Width x 22 inches height’. After folding, its dimensions become small and save a lot of space. It is folded by just releasing a single pin and storing it in any corner of the room.

You can also convert this trailer into a stroller, but there is a need to purchase a separate conversion kit for that purpose. The inside has one tether point in each of the corners that improve the security of your pet.

The material used for the interior making it scratch-resistant. Hence, it is one of the best trailers that can make your dog trip enjoyable, having all the assistance for its needs.

Features of Doggy Ride Mini Trailer For Dog/Pet

  • Optimum Visibility
  • Bright, eye-catching colors
  • Solid steel frame
  • Rear reflectors
  • Maximum loading capacity: 55lbs
  • The canopy zips open and closed at the front and back.
  • The entire trailer folds down flat for storage or transportation.
  • Sunroof opening at the top
  • Roll down the P.V.C. cover to protect your dog from the elements.
  • Easy clean-up
  • Aluminum spoke wheels and low center gravity
  • Accessories & Kit Available
  • Padded with a washable and removable cover
  • Stroller Kit (sold separately)
  • Comes mostly pre-assembled and requires minimum effort to assemble and de-assemble
  • Very comfortable
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Best for medium & small sized dogs
  • Expensive
  • Do not work well for big dogs
dog bike trailer

If you are looking for an easy assembling, secure, and safe trailer to store your pet and that you can bring them with you on bike rides and minor holidays, then Schwinn Rascal is what you should be looking for. 

With a lot of ventilation and a spacious interior, it is perfect for your dogs. It is not only easy to assemble or store, but it will also protect your dogs from the outside elements and give a nice view of the outside world. The material used to create the Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer is well made, durable and comfortable, and won’t break or tear down quickly. Provide you peace of mind that your dog is safe and highly secure.

It has a well-ventilated space that will allow your pet to breathe more freely, and it will provide your pet enough stability as long as it does not exceed the weight limit and it will remain sturdy and stable during your bike rides. De-assembling this trailer is real quick and easy.

You need to unlock the crossbar, fold the sides, and remove the quick release clips. After on you can detach the wheels, and you will be able to store this trailer in a tight space. The door lies closer to the ground, so it’s safer for your dog to get in and out by himself.

With the other trailer, you need to lift your dog to get inside the trailer, but this trailer gives your dog a little freedom that it can climb up anytime. Inside the trailer, it has an adjustable leash, and you can make it long enough for your dog to switch between sitting up and lying down. It is better to attach the leash to your dog’s harness instead of the collar as if it tries to jump, and it doesn’t cause any pain to your dog.

The fabric used is to protect the dog from sun and super lighting, and extreme weather conditions. When fully assembled, this can weigh about 27 pounds, but fortunately, it is very sturdy and can handle the weight with no issues.It is a bit on the lower end and offers excellent a great value of money as it got all the features a pet owner want in a trailer. Plus it’s spacious, stable, and safe for your pets.

Features of Schwinn Rascal Dog Trailer

  • Easily assembled
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Well ventilated so your pet can breathe easily, whatever the condition is.
  • Includes an internal leash attachment to hold your dogs firmly.
  • Can carry up to 50lbs
  • Spacious design that can keep your pet at ease during trips
  • Folding steel frame
  • Quick-release wheels for easy storage
  • Internal leash to keep pet safe
  • A rear door for quick entrance and exit
  • Aluminum rims and air-filled tire
  • Includes one year warranty
  • Safe mode of transport
  • Waterproof floorboard
  • Includes cushion inside
  • Easily cleaned
  • Reflectors keep the pet visible
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Quick assembling
  • Take longer to set up
  • Can tip when turning due to size
red bicycle dog trailer

Trixie Dog Bike Trailer can act as a perfect travel companion for your dogs if you want to hit biking trails around the neighborhood. This trailer is one of the best, comfortable and durable Dog Trailer U.K. has designed to last for your years.

It uses hard-wearing, durable nylon with a solid metal stainless steel frame to withstand rust and corrosion. The visibility is enhanced by the polyester cover with the reflective parts. It has a quick fix system of the wheels and can quickly assemble and dismantle. It has a cushion inside, and the base is padded with viscoelastic foam that provides maximum comfort and coziness to your dogs while lying down. For safety purposes, this trailer comes with two side parking brakes. Plus, it has storage compartments and cup holders to keep all the essential traveling devices of your dog.

This trailer has a net around it, proving to give perfect air circulation at the front and rear door. The top net insert for a closable cover and the integrated short leash prevents pets from jumping out. This dog trailer can easily be converted into a stroller with a converter kit available separately.

Trailer contains a handlebar that is comfortable carrying and holding, has castor feels on the front, and a hand brake. Instructions are given with the trailer making it convenient to convert. It has a zipped opening on both the front and backside, which allows your pet to jump in it quickly without any harm. Trixie Dog Trailer can be easily be folded and store anywhere at your home.

This trailer includes a hitch for attachment to your bicycle. The integrated short-built leash prevents dogs from jumping out as this is the best option for the safety of your dogs. Dogs feel comfortable in it as it has a removable and padded floor. There are flaps on the front and top of the trailer, which helps them protect from wind and rain.

Features of Trixie Dog Bike Trailer

  • Set up and dismantling in seconds with quick fold function
  • Wheels with quick-fix system
  • Top and front net inserts can be covered with rain protection
  • Rear door
  • Cushion with visco-elastic foam
  • Removable base with anti-slip cover
  • An integrated short leash
  • two-sided parking brake
  • Reflective parts
  • Signal banner with a reflective motive
  • A Trailer hitch is included
  • Effortless conversion into jogger thanks to the fast click function
  • Handle adjustable in height
  • Front-wheel for transforming into jogger available separately
  • Stainless steel, polyester cover
  • Compliant with animal welfare
  • Various pockets and cup holders
  • Wind and rain protection
  • Two side pockets
  • Integrated short leash
  • Comes with a safety flag
  • Front and Rear Door
  • Can be expensive for a giant breed of dogs

When looking for the great combination of rich features and affordability, Pawhut proves to serve all in one. As the customer’s saying, it is pretty stable, safe, and pretty for your dogs to enjoy the ride. This trailer features durable yet easy-to-do folding designs that are quickly released and take very little space to store or transport.

Trailer is constructed of stainless steel frame and is light-weighted, which means it easy dragging yet qualitative for the dog’s use.  If you invest in something suitable for your dog, Pawhut can be the best option for you as it is built to last. An exceptional feature of reflectors offers you peace of mind that your dog is secure as you can see them even during nighttime.

This carrier comes with a polyester-made waterproof cover that shields your four-legged friends against the rain. The side mesh windows allow your pet to enjoy superb airflow while keeping you company. It comes with an adjustable leash hook so that your pet can easily sit or lay down in the carrier without having any inconvenience.

This dog carrier lies near the ground with the front door entry that helps your dog jump in and out of the trailer quickly. It has a removable plastic cover for the front door too that protects your pet from weather conditions.

It has safety flags that will help other vehicles spot them even in high traffic. This dog bike trailer is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle with your pets. The large, air-filled 20″ tire provides maximum stability and comfort. The product dimension is 130L x 73W x 90H cm and can easily be carried by any sized dog.

Features of Pawhut Folding Dog Life Trailer

  • Maximum visibility guaranteed with 20″ air-filled tires
  • Dual entry with two-door design
  • Adjustable leash inside
  • Included drawbar
  • Safety flags
  • Each wheel has two reflectors
  • Alloy steel frame
  • Quick Release System
  • No tool makes it easy to assemble and de-assemble
  • It comes with a removable plastic cover to protect the dog from outdoor hazards.
  • Lightweight and collapsible for portability
  • Protective screen for weather protection
  • Quick-release wheels for instant storage
  • Dual entry
  • Some users may find it a little heavy

The Duramax King Rex Dog Trailer is another excellent choice for looking for a reliable and trustworthy trailer for your furry pet. The material is made from high-quality nylon material supported by a strong steel frame and is waterproof. The trailer has a powder-coated steel frame that means it is rust-resistant.

Hence, it is proved that the trailer is highly durable and sturdy. Your dog enjoys the full view on the ride with the help of mesh screens. These mesh screens help in providing proper ventilation too. The front door has a transparent shield and can be zipped up when it’s raining or cloudy and ensuring that your dog stays comfortable and convenient.

The capacity inside the trailer is suitable for small and medium dog breeds. It can carry the weight up to 40kgs, and there is a need to think if you have a big dog. The nylon non-slip mate makes the trailer a little cozier and is easy to clean. It has 16 inches tires supported by sturdy steel rims. The coupling system can fit with almost every bike.

There is an integrated leash attachment to keep your pet securely in the trailer. For enhanced visibility, the trailer has a safety flag raised by a rod and alerts the other vehicles. When not in use, this trailer conveniently folded for easy storage or transport.

The wheels are easily removable from the trailer with the help of the quick release system. Plus you can quickly assemble them again in a few time when you need. It comes with the feature of lockable fly screen doors on the front and back that provide the dog with easy entry. In case of terrible weather, you can seal the front door with an additional transparent tarpaulin. Here are some of the features which makes this trailer more vulnerable

Features of Duramax King Rex Dog Trailer

  • The trailer is foldable for easy transport and storage.
  • Detachable quick-release wheels make it easy to assemble and de-assemble
  • Non-slip-base ensures that your pet is secure during the rides.
  • Mesh windows for proper circulation of air in the trailer
  • Integrated harness that keeps your pet secure within the trailer
  • Cargo space is 36 x 34 x 57
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Schrader valves on the pneumatic tires allow you to pump the wheel at any petrol station.
  • Easy to clean plastic base
  • Water-resistant
  • Quick Release System
  • Ensures supply of fresh air
  • Little Expensive

What do we recommend?

The dog feels comfortable and safe when you cycle together with a dog trainer. Sick, injured dogs that suffer from mobility issues can benefit from this trailer. It is essential to consider the size and weight of your dog before choosing a dog bike trailer. Make sure that your pet gets used to the trailer. Do regular activities and boost the confidence level of your dog.

What to look for before buying a Dog Bike Trailer

One of the most common questions in the buyer’s mind is what things we need to consider before buying a dog trailer, especially if you are buying for the first time. Keeping in mind the customer’s requirements and needs, we have made a guide for them that can serve information and help them choose the best trailer.


Before biking, you should keep in mind that you are not biking alone now. If it’s your first time attaching the trailer with your bike, you need to get used to it.

There are a few things you should consider:

  • It would be best if you took vast areas or corners
  • Acceleration will take a bit of effort
  • Pedaling uphill will feel like you are dragging a trailer
  • Traveling downhill is like having a parachute
  • The weight of your bike, dog, and trailer will affect the handling, so depending upon how you plan to use the trailer, choose wisely.

Build Material

The building material and durability are the keys to a successful ride, as you will stay calm without having any difficulty. Some dog trailers are made of mesh material, while others from a more solid fabric. Consider the material of the frame as well.

Aluminum frames can be a good choice as they are more light yet durable than other steel frames. Steel weighs more than aluminum, but the plus point is it can be readily welded again if it breaks. Additionally, it can carry the weight of larger dogs with ease. We suggest avoiding plastic frames as they can easily break and are inexpensive.


If you are thinking about durability, you need to choose a high-quality trailer that can last a thousand miles, whereas the less expensive one can easily fall. Things you need to look for:

Materials – First come aluminum and steel versus plastic.

Wheels – They are either made from plastic or aluminum. Plastic wheels are done if they break, but aluminum spokes are replaceable.

Skewers – Are they easily removable?


Suspension softens the impact of riding the bike on a bumpy, irregular, or rough road. If you are on a trip with your four-legged pets and know the road is unpaved, you should indeed look for this feature. Even many trailers can handle bumpy roads even without suspension.


Today, many products offer portability in their designs, which are easy to assemble, while some come already pre-assembled. Portability allows you to fold your device without the need for any hand tools. While assembling, make sure that the connectors or joints are made of high-quality material so they don’t compromise the trailer’s structural integrity.


Hitch will help to define the quality of the ride. If you choose the one made of high quality, it will aid you in stopping quickly without having any severe accidents. It is especially true if you choose to ride at high speed. Low-quality hitches will drag you closer to the bike, causing crippling of trailer or accidents. Lastly, you need to make sure that the hitch is universal and can fit exactly to your bike. Also, it should not interfere with the gears on the bike.


The size of the trailer you need undoubtedly depends upon the size of your dog. If you have a large dog, you might be looking for a larger trailer that fits exactly its size. You need to measure the interior dimensions and compare them with your dog’s length, width, and height to make sure your pet will comfortably sit in structure. For a smaller dog, you’ll want to maximize the interior space while keeping the weight at a minimum.

Weight and Size of the Trailer

If you are unsure how your dog will handle the trailer or if it ends up collecting dust in the storeroom or garage, we would highly recommend you to buy a trailer with a warranty as it is not a bad idea to have some added protection.

Rain Covers

You are always unaware of the weather conditions when going on a trip with your four-legged pets. Some trailer comes with a front cover that will help you to protect them from extreme rain. Make sure to get a trailer that includes a rain cover with it. With the help of this, you’ll stay in peace that your pet is safe.


Interior pockets help to store your dog’s all the essential products needed while traveling. It can be any kind of dog’s treat, toys, or belongings that you can need while your dog gets bored. Moreover, they are fully zipped.


The entrance point is located back or above the trailer, so there will be more space for your pet to enter. This entrance has to be built with high specifications for the safety of your dog. More the entrance should have to be easy for your dog to jump in and jump out.

Safety Precautions to Look in Dog Bike Trailer

Safety Flags

A safety flag is necessary for a trailer. That might help other vehicles to support your dog even in high traffic.


Check the hand brakes first. You might face some accidental conditions where you need to use the brake quickly. The hand brake feature will make it more stable for the safety of your dog.

Safety Buckles

Safety buckles help your dog to stay in place inside the trailer. It will not only keep your dog safe in facing any accident, but it can also help in keeping your pup’s weight in the middle of the trailer.


Reflectors will help you spot your pet even during nighttime. Bright colors will alert other drivers too that you are carrying special cargo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I select my hitch?

You need to select the hitch that exactly fits your trailer. For this, you need to measure the distance from the ground to the top of the inside of your hitch receiver. Then separate it from the distance from the ground to the bottom of the trailer hitch. It will tell you the exact size and measurement for your hitch.

Which size suits My Pooch?

Don’t pre-assume that your pooch will just sit inside the trailer. You need to measure your dog’s length, weight, and girth and compare it to the interior dimension. It will tell you the suitable size for your pet.

How will my dog get accustomed to the bike trailer?

For the first time, your pup might feel nervous, but you have to make it feel comfortable. You need a start with the small trail and make them get used to it. Once the pet starts getting comfortable in the trailer, they will start enjoying the ride more than you.

Are dog trailers safe?

Well-made dog trailers are the safest for you and your pet rather than having an ordinary trailer. You need to look for the things like a strong frame, high-quality connectors, air-filled wheels when trying to choose one. Lastly, the most important thing is handling. It will make you and your pet enjoy the ride to the extreme.

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