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10 Best Dog Clippers UK in 2021

Everyone searches for ways to appreciate and praise their dog’s appearance and make them look pretty, healthy, and safe. When thinking about improving your four-legged pet’s appearance, we often try to visit their professional groomer for attractive and charming cutting. 

Dogs deserve to look good, but beyond that, they deserve to be relaxed and comfortable. Professional dog clippers will allow you to cut your dog’s shaggy hair in the easiest possible way.

Thus he will remain pleasant in all its way of trimming their hair. The Dog Clippers are strongly associated with your dog’s grooming and beneficial for your pup’s health.

Of course, one of the most apparent privileges to getting your dog groomed is proper hair hygiene. As humans go for new looks and better haircuts, a dog’s hair grooming is essential to avoid serious health consequences

Dog grooming clippers will not only just cut hair for beauty but will also look for the troubles beneath their furry skin. Cysts, bad skin conditions, and ear infections can only be hidden under the fur and can only be discovered after grooming. 

Not only this, you need a dog grooming kit’s nail file for the proper care of your dog’s joints and feet. To protect them, you need to trim their nails every after week. 

If your dog has long nails, they can pressurize them to change their walking pattern, which in return can make walk inappropriate and painful for them. Walking inappropriately and awfully can often lead to arthritis too.

With the assistant of these grooming kits, your dog will be quickly getting rid of fleas and ticks. Once you spotted fleas, you need to take the best steps to avoid them.

You can give a cute haircut with the help of our best dog clippers, or you can use a flea collar or a pill. When you brush your furry pet, you are not only keeping their inner surface healthy and glossy but also removing all the dirt and dead skin cells as well as dead fur and dandruff. 

Grooming your pup with the help of the dog clipper isn’t just for show. It is a responsibility for every dog owner to make their pup pretty healthy, clean and protected.

Overview of the Best Life Jackets for Dogs

Whether you are wondering which dog clipper will be the smoothest or which one will work great for your pup. Here, we have provided a list of the top recommendations of the best dog clipper worldwide.

The WenTop Dog Clipper is an all in one kit with all the essential grooming accessories that includes 12 basic tools:

  • Pet clipper ( included Battery)
  • USB cord (No adapter)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 4 Comb Attachments(3-6-9-12mm)
  • Stainless Steel Scissor
  • Stainless teeth scissor
  • Stainless Steel Comb
  • Nail Clipper
  • Nail File.

This dog clipper is planned to have an intelligent LED display that represents battery level in percentage. The USB power supply will give you the power to charge anytime, anywhere.

The high-quality 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery takes 3-4 hours to charge that can last for 120 minutes, which is enough for a groomer to trim the pup’s hair properly. You should also know the working voltage that is 3.7V to ensure the machine doesn’t dissipate much heat that can harm your pup badly.

Additionally, there is 3-Speed Adjustable level that is beneficial in choosing the most suitable cutting speed to meet your requirements. These speed levels are specially designed, keeping in mind the requirements of different dog breed body parts, hair volume, and thickness. 

Its ultra-slow vibration and mute design will allow your pet not to get scared and make it comfortable for the dog owner to safely trim their pup’s hair. 

Greatly appreciated by the sharp adjustable blade and fine-tuning knob that permit adjustments to 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm offering you an exact trim.

With the help of this design, you can determine the length of hair you desire to have. The volume of pet hair must be trimmed and can be done using one of the combs that come with the product, i.e.3mm comb, 6mm comb, 9mm comb, 12mm comb.

Features of WenTop Dog Clipper

  • All in one accessory kit with 12 different tools
  • 3-speed adjustable level
  • Ultra slow vibration
  • High-quality rechargeable lithium battery
  • The working voltage is 3.7V
  • 4 Comb attachments(3-6-9-12mm)
  • Sharp adjustable blades and fine-tuning knob
  • Fully charged in 3 to 4 hours
  • Lasts for about 120 minutes
  • LED display
  • USB power supply will let you charge anywhere you want
  • The nail filer will help you trim your pup's nails efficiently
  • Is little expensive

The Grandma Shark Low Noise Trimmer comes with an adorable design of the golden casing and stable body, representing its quality and the high-ends of the product. The graceful and gorgeous pet logo is much more prominent than from other similar products.

You can allow your pet to be in the favorite location when grooming with the help of its wireless technology. Moreover, the fine ceramic blades are easy to use and make the cutting smooth and fluent. The five different comb attachments help in the easy handling of hair in five different positions.

This grooming kit allows all the essential accessory tools for the grooming of your pup, which includes:

  • Pet scissors (built-in rechargeable battery)
  • British charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • 4 Comb attachment (3/6/9/12mm)
  • 2 Diagonal comb attachment
  • Stainless steel Scissors
  • Two-density stainless steel comb
  • Lubricant
  • User manual.

The power cord length of this clipper is about 175cm and can be fully charged within 4-5 hours. You can use the clipper for about 60-70 minutes after charging, which means you can easily trim your pup’s hair.

Some dogs got afraid of the louder vibration and noise. For this, the parts of grandma shark are firmly equipped with the trimmer. The noise is negligible, which can reduce the pet’s irritation to the electric clippers that will make your four-legged pets fond of trimming their hair.

This dog trimmer is beneficial for any pet owner for shaving your four-legged pet hair at home. Which is inexpensive than having a treatment with a professional every month. It is better to purchase the product for one time than spending daily!

Features of Grandma Shark Low Noise Trimmer

  • More accessories and all in one kit
  • Low noise
  • Easy to Use
  • Save of money
  • Exquisite designs
  • Can allow your pup to be in its favorite location
  • Inexpensive
  • High quality ends with adorable golden casing
  • Fine and sharp ceramic blades for fastest and easy trimming
  • Five different comb attachments for easy handling of hair
  • It can be used for about 60-70 minutes
  • Lubricant provided for the maintenance and effectiveness of the blades
  • Dogs don’t get afraid or feel discomfort
  • Not as powerful as it should be
dog clipper complete set

PetLab Cordless Dog Clippers are created to satisfy various needs of a dog owner, whether you have a large or a furry dog. Pet lab Dog Clippers is a complete all-in-one grooming set that has everything required to make your pet look stylish and attractive.

This grooming set includes the following:

  • A pet clipper
  • Shaver
  • Comb
  • Comb attachments
  • A cleaning brush
  • Scissors
  • A nail clipper
  • A nail file

It’s one of the long-lasting dog clippers set you’ll ever demand!

With these powerful clippers, you can be rewarded with any kind of haircut you desire on your furry pet.

Our professional dog grooming clippers have used an exclusive combination of sharp dual blade development of titanium and ceramic blades. These blades are pointed enough to cut the thickest hair, giving smooth and excellent shaving texture and saving your time visiting the groomer.

These pet grooming clippers have ultra-slow and quiet sound and vibration, which means your pet will not become anxious when you shave him. This makes the trimming job easy and enjoyable for you.

Suppose you are using only secure and high-quality electronic materials. In that case, you will be guaranteed that clippers for dogs will provide the best possible results without any interference or jamming. Just like the flawless shaving you demand to have for your pup!

These professional dog clippers will allow your four-legged pup the independence to move everywhere inside or outside the house. There will be no limitation due to the cordless cable. Moreover, if you are not satisfied and need a power cable, you can choose this. Hence, this is perfect in any case.

Features of Pet lab Dog Clippers

  • Can get desirable haircut using all in one accessory kit
  • Cordless clipper to move freely
  • Anti dual sharp blades for proper cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Low noise and ultra-low vibration
  • No limitation of staying at a place.
  • If you desire, an option of a power cord is available too.
  • You pup will not feel anxious or get scared using the one with low noise
  • Safe and high-quality electronic parts will assure the best results
  • Sharp blades can get the thickest hair possible quickly
  • Your pup can be rewarded with the attractive and stylish haircut you want
  • All in one kit with all the necessary accessories
  • Not suitable for larger breeds

EyeLeaf Pet Dog Grooming Clipper is a rechargeable dog trimmer with a Li-ion battery inside it to make its use flexible for the buyer. You will be enchanted by its feature that you can use it while charging too that it will provide you comfort that it will not stop working when you are shaving your pup or else if you have half-shaved your pup.

Upgraded stainless steel safe and sharper blade-30-tooth titanium fixed blade and ceramic movable blade coordinate much to giving exceptional shaving. Additionally, these blades are sharp enough to be used for a long time. You can also easily detach the blades to change and clean.

The Power Motor provides long-lasting and robust power to the running blades that do not clamp or snag and hurt the pet hair.

EyeLeaf Pet Professional Grooming Kit includes all the essential tools as follows:

  • Pet Clipper 200g ( Included Battery )
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Steel Comb
  • Steel Scissor
  • Nail Clipper
  • Nail File
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Limit Combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)
  • User Manual

It features very low vibration and low noise designs. The noise is only 50 dB when used, which is beneficial to provide ease and comfort to your pup. Plus, they will not get scared, and you will satisfy yourself and your pup, giving a cozy and relaxing trimming performance.

The 4 guard combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm) are attachable clipping combs appropriate for trimming the hair of various lengths. It can also be detached for efficient cleaning purposes.

Suppose the dog’s hair is highly lengthy or has volume. In that case, there is a need to hold only a minimal amount of hair (0.8) to ignore improper trimming. Plus, you can repeat shaving until you think you have got your desired cutting.

Unsatisfied customers can replace or refund the product within 30 days. And the customer support is pretty good and customers can contact them anytime. 

Features of EyeLeaf Pet Dog Grooming Clipper

  • All in one essential grooming kit for your beloved pup.
  • Ultra-low noise
  • 20 tooth titanium fixed blade with a movable ceramic blade
  • Easy to clean
  • Warranty Available
  • Solid and long-lasting power of the blades
  • 4 guard combs are suitable for different length
  • Clipping combs can also be detached for efficient cleaning purpose
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • It can even be used when charging
  • Blades can be easily detached
  • Dogs do not get anxious due to low noise of about 50 dB
  • Do not clump or snag the pet hair
  • Blades are not as sharp as they need to be
dog trimming set

The Everesta Dog Clipper features an ultra-quiet design that is equipped with precision and a powerful motor. The low vibration of only about 50dB frees it from work noise and helps make the pet feel at ease, and your pup will not get afraid of a haircut anymore. 

The pet grooming kit has been provided with a USB charger. If you charge it for five straight hours, it can sustain a battery level of 70 minutes. This clippers lightweight and cordless design makes it very easy to use.

With the help of this cordless clipper, you will not be concerned with the difficulty of changing batteries or wires. Our dog grooming kit features 4 attachment guide combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm) for suitable and stylish cutting, plus giving you a chance to control the length of the pup’s hair.

The detachable guide combs can easily be removed and clean. Everesta dog hair trimmer comes with a sharp stainless steel fixed titanium blade and a moving ceramic blade. That provides exceptional trimming performance and can easily cut through all kinds of pet hair.

For the pet with maximum length and volume like German shepherds, firstly, you take a few hairs to trim, or else the clipper will interrupt shaving or might jam. Due to the delivery precautions, the package does not consist of any kind of oil accessories.

Features of Everest Dog Clipper

  • Ultra-quiet design
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Cordless design
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Easy to clean and wipe
  • USB charger
  • Charging can be done in 3-5 hours
  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Cordless
  • They are more expensive than other clippers but aimed at a professional grooming

The Pet Dog Grooming Clipper offers a thin and lightweight design to comfortably fit in hand and reduce wrist fatigue. Moreover, the anti-slip handle ensures a secure grip while you are shaving your pup. The professional durable rotating motor gives you enough power to cut your hair fast, smoothly, and safely.

This all in one pet grooming kit come with 6 different kinds of styling tools which includes:

  • Pet clipper (including a rechargeable battery)
  • Power Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 8 Comb Attachments (1mm/ 2mm/ 3mm/ 6mm/ 9mm/ 12mm/ Left /Right Oblique)
  • Stainless Steel Scissor
  • Stainless Steel Comb

The rechargeable battery has an operation time to be fully charged within about 70 minutes, which is enough to trim your pup’s hair. It gets charge within 3-4 hours. You can allow cordless operation after charging, which means there is no limit. You can freely move with ease.

The 8 attachment guide combs (1mm/ 2mm/ 3mm/ 6mm/ 9mm/ 12mm/ Left Oblique /Right Oblique) are skin-friendly and makes it safe and easy to fluently trim the hair and reward different unique styling to your furry pet.

Unique sharp blades of titanium and moveable ceramic design prevent your pet from getting hurt. Moreover, the low vibration and super quiet slipper with maximum power will make your pup feel comfortable and comfortable. This means it will avoid your four-legged pet getting discomfort and frightened while grooming.

The 8 Attachment Combs and 5-Level Adjustable Blades for different hair lengths are suitable for almost all types of furry pets. Additionally, you can maintain them by properly oiling the blades regularly.

Features of Pet Dog Grooming Clipper

  • Comfortable anti-slip handle
  • Light Weight
  • Quiet & Powerful
  • Sharp Blade
  • Cordless Design
  • Slim and lightweight design that can reduce wrist fatigue
  • Secure grip
  • A durable rotating motor provides you enough power to cut fluently
  • All in one kit with 6 beneficial grooming tools
  • 8 combs attachments for the exquisite styling of your pup
  • Battery timing is about 70 minutes
  • No limit to space
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable guide combs can easily be removed
  • Not so suitable for dogs having thicker coats

The OMORC electric dog clipper is made of first-rate material with a technical structure. This anti-slip dog clipper is very durable, handy, portable, and looks pretty. This high maintenance grooming kit provides all the essential accessories for you that is applicable, making unique hairstyles for dogs, which contains:

  • Electric clipper
  • 4 Limited Combs
  • Nail Clipper
  • Nail File
  • Round-head Scissors
  • Thinning Shear
  • Stainless Steel Comb
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charger.

These grooming clippers feature a powerful and robust motor with premium titanium and ceramic safe and sharp blades that can give you fast, smooth, and cheap trimming. They will comfortably trim your pup hair, avoiding the hair getting snagged in the electronics or any kind of injuries to the pet.

With a noise level of less than 50dB, OMORC Cat Hair Trimmer runs smoothly and fluently with minimal vibration and provides ease and comfort to your pets if afraid.

A built-in lithium battery of 600mAh of high performance gives you cordless timing and the fastest trimming of your pup. This pet grooming clipper can continue working for about 70-80 minutes, enough for a groomer to finish a haircut. Moreover, if you are using the original charger, it can speedily charge just in 50 minutes. 

There is no need for experience in trimming a pup’s hair, even if you are doing it the first time or doing it regularly. The 5-level blade adjustment(0.8-2mm) of this dog grooming tool is suitable for all types of dog pets and will assure you to trim their hair with perfect accuracy. The variety of these combs will make your work more handy and classy.

The scissors and blades of OMORC are ergonomically designed. They are well-formed on its head to prevent any injury to the pet. Moreover, they are safe and comfortable in their use.

You can also maintain its sharp blades by cleaning them properly after finishing grooming.

Features of OMORC Electric Dog Clipper

  • Powerful motor
  • Safe sharp blades
  • No snagging
  • Cordless timing
  • Fast Charging
  • Made of first rate-material with the technical structure
  • Easy to Clean
  • Scissors and blades are ergonomically designed for professional trimming
  • Pup is smoothly and comfortably shaved without getting hurt
  • 5 level blade adjustment
  • More handy and classy
  • Fully charged within 50 minutes
  • Works for 70-80 minutes
  • Multiple accessories available
  • Warranty Available
  • Not as powerful as other clippers on the list
pet dog all in one trimmer set

The Bone Pet Dog Clipper has proven user-friendly due to its lightweight and ergonomically handle design that makes dog owners much easier to work with.

The dog grooming clippers set comes with multiple accessories that are efficient for the perfect grooming of your furry pet. This includes

  • pet clippers with a ceramic blade
  • rechargeable lithium battery
  • 6 comb attachments
  • Stainless steel scissors
  • Stainless steel comb
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB charging cable

This grooming kit is ideal for even shaving the thick hair of your furry pet and is easier and safe to be used by a new buyer who doesn’t even know about it.

The blade for dogs is constructed using strong, sharp, and long-lasting ceramic and titanium. So it can shave the high density of your pet’s hair fine and smoothly, giving exceptional performance.

These professional dog grooming clippers feature a cordless design and are powered by a 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It can last for 60 – 70 minutes and can be fully charged within 3-4 hours. You can use it freely, having no worries of getting snagged.

The pet grooming clippers are not so noisy as their rate is under 50db, which means your pup will feel safe and will not get frightened, providing you a chance to shave hair with comfort and safety.

The distance of the blades is adjustable according to your pet’s requirements. This grooming kit offer 5 adjustable positions (0.8 / 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.7 / 2.0 mm) for all types of pet hair.

Features of Bonve Pet Dog Clipper

  • Multiple Accessories
  • Sharp Ceramic Blades
  • Cordless Design
  • No noise (less than 50db)
  • User-friendly
  • Battery capacity is 2200mAh
  • Ceramic and titanium blade for efficient working
  • Working time is maxed 4 hours
  • Can be fully charged in 4 hours
  • Adjustable distance of blades
  • Comes with 6 combs attachments for different styling
  • Provides comfort and safety when shaving your pet
  • Light-weight and ergonomically handle design
  • 5 adjustable positions for all types of pet hair
  • Easy to clean
  • Warranty available
  • A bit Expensive
pet grooming kit

Why pay the expenses of a professional groomer for your pup when you can do it yourself?

PANGU is here introducing you to the best grooming kit worldwide. They have committed to bringing you the finest professional services at home.

They have offered tools that can meet the standards of professional groomers simply anyone using at home. You can’t simply go wrong when choosing PANGU Products.

This professional kit contains all the grooming essentials needed, which are as follows

  • 1 Electric Hair Clipper,
  • 4 Combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm),
  • 2 Scissors,
  • 1 Long Dog Grooming Comb,
  • 1 Nail Clipper,
  • 1 Nail File,
  • 1 Power Adapter,
  • 1 Pet Grooming Glove,
  • 1 Cleaning Brush,
  • 1 bottle of oil,
  • Professional hair clippers that can fit all pets

The PANGU Dog clippers are robust yet low noise with precision motor and hence low vibration. It features a Q-SUS design that is the quietest and helps pets not to get afraid and feel at ease.

The powerful motors of these professionals dog clippers do not clump or tighten the hair. This features a rechargeable battery and can be used at any time or any place.

Moreover, they are wireless and can be used without any limit of space. The blades are safe and sharp and are made of Titanium acute-angle blade with a ceramic movable blade so that you can get 100% smooth and efficient cuttings. 

The fine-tuning knob offers you five different lengths (0.8-2mm), so you can adjust them according to your pup’s hair size. Along with, a set of scissors & nail clippers will make your pup’s trimming the perfect one. 

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we provide this Grooming Set with a 24-month warranty and 24/7 buyer services. Moreover, if you feel any inconveniency just contact us and replace or fully refund the product.

Features of PANGU Dog Clipper

  • Powerful but quiet
  • Cable-Free
  • Safe & sharp blades
  • 100% satisfied results
  • Easy to clean
  • Professional Kit with all essentials
  • Hair clipper fits for all pets
  • Q-SUS design that is noiseless
  • Powerful motors do not clump or tighten the hair
  • 100% smooth and efficient cutting
  • Rechargeable battery
  • It can be used anytime without having any limit
  • The knob tuning provides 5 different lengths
  • 24-months warranty period
  • Main powered clippers

What do we recommend?

Dog grooming is essential for both hygiene and personal care or cleaning a dog. It has proved a great way of altering the physical appearance of your furry pet and make them look pretty attractive.

The dog grooming kit comes with all the important accessories that don’t need any professional consult. Even if you are doing it for the first time or doing regularly, this kit includes features that a normal person can easily handle.

Moreover, you will be benefited by not spending money visiting your dog’s vet regularly for a haircut.

Every dog lover should necessarily have this kit as it is inexpensive and simple to use yet giving a lot of health and physical benefits to your furry pet.

Things to know before choosing a Dog Clipper

Indeed, almost everyone is looking for recommendations and reviews and a complete guide before purchasing a product. Here, we have made a complete guide of dog clippers after our own experiences for your ease.


A cordless shaver tends to be heavier due to a large battery and motor power packs attached.

If you are working on several different dogs, there can be weight issues as it might be heavier for the buyer. We can say that in such cases, rechargeable dog shavers have proven to be more suited for personal dog grooming.

Speed and Power

Well, you can say that it is the most crucial feature in a grooming clipper. The motor speed and power dictate how fast and fluently it can trim hair and how much likely it is to cut thick or curly hair.

This can be measured by the rotations you are doing per minute. But sometimes, most of the dog clippers don’t tell you the exact number of rotations. So, you need to check the third-party reviews by opening any UK Dog Clipper brands to find accurate information.

However, if the RPM is 3000 or above, then you need to know that it will be powerful enough for 90% of the dog coats out there.

Sound and Vibration

It is most essential to check that if the dog clippers you are purchasing are of low voice or not. Even the most confident dogs can get scared when treating them with the grooming kit vibrating and becoming noisier when coming close to the pup. 

This can be one of the scariest noises that a pet feels. Professional dog groomers always have the quietest one while trimming, so you should go for that too.


Don’t try to purchase any of the blades rather than titanium or ceramic ones. Others will not have the same toughness and will likely dull quickly.

Sometimes, replacement blades can be pretty cheap, but it is still hassled worthless. So, always choose the one as mentioned earlier.


If you are purchasing the dog clipper for your pup, you should surely choose the one with attachable combs. It will reduce the risk of accidentally cutting your pup’s coat too short.

Moreover, it will also minimize the chances of scratching or cutting your beloved pet’s skin. It is more accessible for you to achieve a smooth and stylish haircut for your beloved furry pet.


It is a crucial point of almost every product. The more you maintain the product, the more you will be able to use those products. The dog clippers need to be cleaned.

The blades need to be oiled regularly. Else, you will notice the dullness and ineffectiveness of your work. You need to research them from the handbook provided and see their maintenance tips, so you exactly know what to do.

If the handbook is not provided, a search for which dog clipper oil and cleaning brush is needed to properly maintain your kit.

Safety Precautions

  1. This clipper is used only for cutting purposes, not for other uses.
  2. The clipper should be used under the required voltage.
  3. Keep in mind to turn off the switch after use.
  4. Every clipper is designed with sharp-edged blades, so use it carefully.
  5. Be careful about the pet areas where the skin is sensitive, like the ear, underbelly, etc., when the clipper is on.
  6. Please fit the fine-tuning to 2.0mm before installing or detaching the blade.
  7. Don’t compete the charging time. Usually, the charging time is 4-5 hours or so.
  8. Whenever there is a need to wash the blades, first divide the ceramic blade and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid putting the clipper in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best dog grooming clippers to use?

We have reviewed the top searches of the best dog grooming clippers as per the professional groomers’ experiences and recommendations. These are most suitable and ideal for a dog owner to use. But if I need to recommend one of them, I would recommend Bone pet dog clipper or Webtop Dog Clipper.

Can you hurt a dog with dog trimmers?

If you are not a professional user, you can burn your dog’s skin with hot clippers. So you need to have practice turning them off regularly and touching them to test the temperature. If they seem too hot, you are there with some options such as spray-on clipper coolant or lubricant.

Should you trim a dog’s hair wet or dry?

You can trim your dog’s hair when they are wet. Most professionals choose to shave wet hair. Thus, we need to go for wet hair trimming but be sure that you don’t hurt your pet or get their hair snagged.

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